Don't Look Behind You (Don't Look Series Book 1)

The truth is a deadly blade that cuts deep.
Megan Pritchard aches to find safety and security when she starts fresh in a new town. Yet the habits of a chilling past are hard to break.
Keep her head down.
Never tell them who she is.
When someone asks about her scar... lie.
For a brief flicker of time, she thought she was safe. That she could find ways to fit into that small town with secrets of its own. Then... the prickle down her spine returns.
Someone is watching and waiting—just like before. But this time they won’t settle for shallow cuts. Knives, and secrets, will be buried deep.
Don’t Look Behind You is a dark psychological thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end. Fans of Karen McManus, Chelsea Ichaso, or Natasha Preston are sure to love Emily Kazmierski’s chilling masterpiece!
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Embassy Academy (3 book series)

Who knew that the first day at a new school could be deadly?
Embassy Academy, the elite private boarding school I’m being shipped off to wasn’t made for girls like me. Girls who are timid wallflowers.
It was made for bold, outspoken, cultured kids of the political elite. Rich. Privileged. Condescending.
Except for Ricardo, who looks at me like I'm a new flavor of ice cream he'd like to try, despite my cute bodyguard's disapproving stare. If only bratty girls and cute boys were my biggest problem.
When the academy's resident mean girl is killed on my very first day, their shimmering oasis becomes a pool of blood. The whispering gets louder. Quick glances become hard stares.
They’re looking for someone to blame. They’re looking at me.
Embassy Academy: Deadly First Day is the first in a trilogy of young adult romantic mysteries.

Over My Dead Body (Ivory Tower Spies Book 5)

A shocking discovery. A final showdown.
The Ivory Tower spies are left without a home base, and with more unanswered questions, when a fire fight with Nexus reveals the devastating truth behind his nefarious schemes. When two members of Loveday’s team fail to return from a dangerous assignment, and another team member is compromised, she will have to use all of her skill and determination to keep her found family alive.
They’re up against an enemy more dangerous than any they’ve ever encountered, and his goal is simple: kill Royal.
Can Loveday save her father, and the missing members of her team, all while preventing Nexus from going on a killing spree? Or will their enemy win the game, once and for all?
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Spy Got Your Tongue (Ivory Tower Spies Book 4)

An old enemy resurfaces. A new threat is born.
With no sign of Nexus since Loveday and her team captured his hired thief in St. Petersburg, the Ivory Tower Spies remain on high alert. There’s no telling what havok Nexus will wreak once he learns how to leverage the facial recognition software he stole.
When bodies start appearing, Loveday and her team must race to break into the CIA and secure the agency’s undercover agent files before Nexus does. Because if they fail, more agents will pay with their lives. And one of their own is on the top of the enemy’s hit list.

Spy Your Heart Out (Ivory Tower Spies Book 3)

Seventeen-year-old spy Loveday has been training for her first international spy mission for years, with a former-CIA father and a secret team that works in the underbelly of Washington, D.C.
Completing this mission will push her to the limits.
Loveday is on thin ice with the team after crashing their operation. But when her sister is kidnapped, Loveday insists on being included in the rescue. Finding the balance between being a good sister and a good spy has never been harder.
The situation becomes even more complicated when Loveday is paired with Starling for an undercover job that pulls them closer than ever. Sparks fly, leaving Loveday torn between letting her mind rule, and giving in to her heart.
Loveday will do whatever is required to get her sister back, but she may lose her heart in the process.
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The Eyes of Spies (Ivory Tower Spies Book 2)

Seventeen-year-old spy Loveday has been training for her first international spy mission for years, with a former-CIA father and a secret team that works in the underbelly of Washington, D.C.
Spying just got more complicated.
After her first mission ends in a spectacular disaster, Loveday and team leader Royal are so frustrated with each other they’re barely speaking. She finds herself reassigned to a mundane hotel job outside the Ivory Tower. And if that wasn’t punishment enough, Royal adds a new man to the team—Starling, an attractive, highly-trained operative whose skills might just make Loveday obsolete.
When classified government software is stolen by a dangerous hacker, Loveday and Starling must work together to stop the program from falling into the wrong hands. But in the world of intrigue, nothing is as it seems—and not all ghosts of her past stay dead.
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For Your Ears Only (Ivory Tower Spies Book 1)

Seventeen-year-old spy Loveday has been training for her first international spy mission for years, with a former-CIA father and a secret team that works in the underbelly of Washington, D.C.
For her first mission, all she has to do is crack a ring of car thieves for London’s premiere hotel owner, Charles Darnay. But Darnay’s bumbling buffoon public persona belies secrets that could add dangerous complications to Loveday’s mission.
And he’s not the only one who’s lying. If Loveday doesn’t expose the truth, her team could be in mortal danger.

All-American Liars

Shockwaves ripple through basketball-loving Greenridge high when stolen drugs are found in basketball star Tristan Adams’s truck. Tristan denies everything, but the evidence is damning. Is Tristan telling the truth, or is the golden boy less than he seems to be?
Annie doesn’t believe for a second that Tristan had anything to do with the break in, but her lips are sealed by the weight of secrets that contributed to Tristan’s downfall. Can Annie find a way to help Tristan without exposing the dirty secret she’s carrying?
Rich is jealous of team captain Tristan’s scholarship to a top basketball school, and Annie. But the tides begin to turn when Tristan is busted for steroid use. Rich is about to discover just how far he’ll go to get what he wants, but will he know when to stop?
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Asha and the Magic Galoshes: A Retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Galoshes of Fortune"

Asha, Miles, and Caitlin each find a pair of galoshes, which, unbeknownst to them, are magic. Asha wishes to be on her school’s soccer team in order to make friends. Miles wishes to see the labyrinth of ancient Crete. Caitlin wishes to have glasses that show her the future. Will the fulfillment their wishes be as great as they hoped?


Reese's life is great: she's got two loving parents and a cute best friend, Brandon. But Reese's family goes into a tailspin when her mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

Reese's dad, crippled by grief, pulls away from them, leaving Reese to make an impossible choice. She can ignore the chaos at home and enjoy her last few years as a child. Or, she can step into adulthood to care for her mom. 

And Reese doesn't know what to think about her flirtation with Brandon, who's been her best friend since forever.

Through a season of heartbreak and healing, Reese learns how to persevere in the face of crisis, and renews her trust in those who love her.

Fans of Hazel's story in The Fault in Our Stars will love Reese's tale in Malignant. Buy it to enjoy today!