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All-American Liars

Three people with one goal: make it through the next two weeks without their secrets spilling out onto the snow. If they don’t make it that far, they’ll lose everything.

Tristan’s excellence on the basketball court is paying off: his dream of playing college basketball at UCLA is about to come true. That is, until a reputation-shattering discovery threatens the very future he has worked so hard to build.

Annie’s made lots of choices lately, and most of them were terrible. The one light spot is her relationship with Tristan, whom she’s pretty sure she loves. But the secrets she’s keeping from him would tear them apart. Which is why he can’t ever find out, even after those dirty little choices contribute to his downfall.

Rich’s only ticket out of their podunk town is the All American basketball team, but he doesn’t stand a chance once team captain and town darling Tristan is nominated. That is, unless Rich goes through with a deceitful plan to get Tristan out of his way.

If only Annie and Tristan would stop obsess over who is framing him...

Life Among the Ashes

They promised forever, but what happens when forever ends? 

Tess is devastated when her firefighter husband dies on the job. She wants only to grieve, but a bank overdraft fee leads her to the discovery that her husband left her with almost no savings. With benefits months or even a year away, Tess is compelled to return to a job she hates in order to survive. 

Tess knows the best way to make her husband proud of her is to find a career she is passionate about, but that's a struggle when the rent payments loom over her head. Little by little, events in Tess's life guide her toward the realization that her short time with Michael prepared her for a new passion, one Tess never would have guessed.

Read Life Among the Ashes today for a heartbreaking and uplifting journey!

Asha and the Magic Galoshes: A Retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Galoshes of Fortune"

Asha, Miles, and Caitlin each find a pair of galoshes, which, unbeknownst to them, are magic. Asha wishes to be on her school’s soccer team in order to make friends. Miles wishes to see the labyrinth of ancient Crete. Caitlin wishes to have glasses that show her the future. Will the fulfillment their wishes be as great as they hoped?


Reese's life is great: she's got two loving parents and a cute best friend, Brandon. But Reese's family goes into a tailspin when her mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

Reese's dad, crippled by grief, pulls away from them, leaving Reese to make an impossible choice. She can ignore the chaos at home and enjoy her last few years as a child. Or, she can step into adulthood to care for her mom. 

And Reese doesn't know what to think about her flirtation with Brandon, who's been her best friend since forever.

Through a season of heartbreak and healing, Reese learns how to persevere in the face of crisis, and renews her trust in those who love her.

Fans of Hazel's story in The Fault in Our Stars will love Reese's tale in Malignant. Buy it to enjoy today!