Thursday, January 10, 2019

LivePortraits of the Ivory Tower Spies, Loveday, Clarity, Julep, Lotus, Vale, Starling, and Haru

An author friend of mine (Ginna Moran) told me about the LivePortrait app, so of course I stayed up way too late making portraits for most of the Ivory Tower Spies. I haven't done Royal or Darnay yet, but here are the rest of the team members. :)
Brash, fearless, Loveday
Disguise whizz and gentle soul, Clarity
Driving expert and jokester, Lotus

Comms expert and budding field agent, Vale

Sassy and bold, Julep

Confident, cool, Starling

Perky hacker, Haru

**Don't forget: if you buy the book between now and January 14th, send the receipt to and get bonus launch goodies, including confidential CIA files for each of the Ivory Tower Spies, and the very first scene I ever wrote for the series. It's not included in the books, so you can't get it anywhere else!

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