Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spy Your Heart Out Comes Out TOMORROW!!

I can't believe this baby drops tomorrow.

I am itching to release it so all of you fantastic people can read it. There are so many questions! What's happened to Clarity? Will Loveday and Starling finally become friends? How many more secrets is Royal keeping? Hehe. I get excited just thinking about talking it through with you guys.

In the intervening hours (HOURS! Eek!) I wanted to give you another sneak peek.
“I could totally sneak into a party,” I say, voice casual. “It wouldn’t be the first time.”
Royal levies his gaze at me. “I know you’re capable, Loveday, but I’d still rather have a valid reason for being there. The last thing I want is for you to be caught crashing a party at a mobster’s house.”
“Who says I would get caught? I haven’t yet,” I fire back.
“I could go with her,” Lotus says. “Keep an eye on her.”
“Says the guy whose been locked in an arts and crafts closet!” I say, deadpan.
Julep snickers at this. “I love that story.”
“It was one time!” Lotus says, laughing. “Can’t a guy live down his only mistake?”
“Not a chance,” I say, grinning.
Starling leans into me. “I need to hear about this closet.”
I smile up at him, bobbing my head. “We—”
“Focus, everyone,” Royal says, his voice raised to be heard over the rest of us.
“Sorry,” I mutter to Starling. “I’ll tell you later.”

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