Friday, March 27, 2020

Enter to win a Paperback of Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee


It's hard to believe, but the second book in my Embassy Academy trilogy comes out in exactly one month! Eek. I'm super excited about it.


Who says politics, murder, and a fake boyfriend don’t mix?

I’ve spent the past three years watching my step father groom my brother for the position I crave. Heir apparent to his political legacy. So can you blame me for breaking my own rules and getting a little buzzed at yet another campaign dinner?

I’m fine. Really.

Until the “animal” I ran over on my way back to school turns out to be my Calculus teacher. A guy with whom I might have a shady history. No comment.

If the police pin his murder on me, all my political aspirations will go up in smoke. And what’s worse, I need the help of the school’s resident playboy, a guy I can’t stand, to prove my innocence. So what if he tricks me into fake dating? It’s nothing I can’t handle.

Embassy Academy: Lethal Queen Bee is a young adult hate to love romantic thriller, and the second in the trilogy.


Want a chance to win a copy? Head over to Goodreads and enter the giveaway.

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